Home Exercise Monitoring System

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How does our home exercise monitoring system work?

  1. Our therapist will conduct an assessment and prescribe personalised exercises based on our patients' need.

  2. Our therapist will perform the exercises with the client, OR train the caregiver to perform the exercises together with the client.

  3. The exercises will be video record down and upload to the monitoring system.

  4. Client downloads the application.

  5. The application will remind the client at a specific timing to perform the exercises, together with the recorded video in the application.

  6. The application will record down the performance and compliance of the client and generate a report to the therapist.

  7. Depends on the need, the client only needs to meet our therapist alternate week or once a week to update the exercises and discuss the report.

Call us at 88920350 (Singapore) to find out more on our home exercise monitoring system!

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Sport In Mature Age. Happy senior woman

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