Gan Jing Tap (Zino)

Founder / Senior Physiotherapist

Mr Gan holds a Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Trinicy College of Dublin. 

He has 8 years of experience in various settings including in-patient, out-patient and home rehabilitation.

He is a certified physiotherapist in treating adults with stroke and brain injury. He also has a special interest in pain management for musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation cases. He does Thai boxing, beach volleyball and gym regularly. Hence, he is able to appreciate and relate most of the sports injuries and provide a useful rehabilitation program.

He is also a trained and certified educator for Physiotherapy student from Singapore Institute of Technology  while he was working under Saint Luke's Hospital.

Mr Gan founded The Rehab Studio Pte. Ltd. in March 2020 which offers onsite therapy services as he believes that

1. Rehabilitation should step outside of the hospital and clinic boundaries,  

2. Focus in rehabilitating his clients in their familiar environments,

3. Provides exercises that can be done at home,

4. Re-integrate clients back into their social life, and

5. Minimize the hazard of travelling with their physical limitations.


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